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Local Amenities and Services: What makes Oxford an ideal place to live

Oxford is among the world's finest cities. Everything is accessible, including world-class culture, shopping, and surprisingly delicious food on the site. There is plenty of opportunity and culture surrounding you, once you get over the continual bustle and occasionally delayed transportation. It's also simple to understand why it's our favourite city—it has gorgeous landmarks, lots of parks, kind people, amazing jobs, and very, really good food.

Oxford is the greatest place to live for the following reasons, to name a few:

Historic Landmarks and Architecture:

Oxford's streets are filled with masterpieces of architecture that evoke memories of olden times. The city's architecture is breathtaking, ranging from the majesty of Christ Church College to the magnificent Radcliffe Camera and the staggering Bodleian Library. With its charming cobblestone roads, gorgeous gardens, and medieval institutions everywhere you look, Oxford feels like a step back in time. You will have the everyday opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind historical tapestry as a resident.

Biological Garden:

One of the oldest scientific gardens in the world and the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain is the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. When the garden was first established in 1621, it was a real garden with plants being grown for medical study. Currently, the 4.5 acres of it are home to approximately 8,000 distinct plant varieties. With specimens representing more than 90% of the plant families, it is one of the world's most compact and diversified plant collections.


Language Naturally, the English language is associated with iconic British culture. Oxford is an ideal destination to study English, put your abilities to everyday use, and develop your British accent because of its laid-back student culture and friendly residents who always have something to say.

Easy access to all areas:

Having a job in Oxford is not a requirement for living there. The city has easy access to London; one-hour direct trains arrive at Paddington. Oxford Parkway station opened in 2015, fewer than four miles north of the city centre, and offers direct trains to Marylebone in the capital.

Free-of-charge tours with students:

Students will give a free tour of this lovely town so you can visit and hear about its history. Nothing is monotonous or gloomy about The Footprints Tours' two-hour walking tours. They work with a lot of students and show them the best and most interesting neighbourhoods in the city in exchange for tips only. You can also take a bike tour and rent a bike for the entire day to create your own adventure, or be daring and visit the locations from the Harry Potter films.

The bottom line:

To sum up, Oxford is definitely a city that captures the spirit and heart of its citizens. Its unique fusion of modern energy and elegance from the past makes for an unmatched living environment. The city's architectural wonders, which include well-known sites and colleges that date back centuries, provide an inviting atmosphere for day-to-day activities.

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