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7 Tips To Boost Your Chances Of a Quick House Sale

Whether you're contemplating listing your home for sale or are already on the market, these seven steps are essential for ensuring a swift and successful house sale. Let’s just dive straight in:

Tip #1 - Present it well

Declutter, tidy, clean and consider adding pleasant fragrances to create a welcoming atmosphere. Assess your surroundings: Is your rear garden looking neglected? Hire a gardener to spruce it up. How about the curb appeal? Most potential buyers will do a drive-by before contacting the agent. Ensure your home looks inviting. If you have pets, remove all pet accessories. If you need help creating a welcoming atmosphere, feel free to reach out to me.

Tip #2 - Something broken? Fix it!

Do those maintenance jobs! Do you have a loose kitchen handle that swings off its hinges every time you open that loved snack drawer? Fix it. Perhaps you you had a leak that made itself visible on your ceiling but you’ve ignored it? - well its time to head to your favourite DIY shop and get some paint. Likewise if you have shrinkage cracking up the stairs (don’t worry, its common), grab that pollyfilla and get it filled. A well-maintained home speaks volumes to potential buyers and it’ll stop any difficult questions coming your way from viewers.

"What absolutely adds value to property is keeping everything super clean and finished. Never try and sell anything half-finished: if you can't finish it, don't start it." - Kirsty Allsopp & Phil Spencer - Hello Magazine.

Tip #3 - Be choosey when selecting your agent

When selecting an agent, it's not just about the highest valuation or the lowest fees. Instead pay attention to how much research they’ve brought with them to the market appraisal, how much knowledge they have on the local area, what the agent can offer you - i.e designing a bespoke for sale board, home staging, twilight photography are just a few of the many things we offer.

Tip #4 - Dark or small room?.. stage it.

Can you think of a room that’s a bit small or perhaps the general space is too dark and a bit lifeless? It doesn’t have to stay that way! We need viewers to not be put off, for instance you can add mirrors to a small space or add natural daylight lamps to dark spaces.

Tip #5 - Ask for viewing feedback

The reason why I have added this to the list is if you’re regretting the agent you chose then you may wish to chase them a little.. keep them on their toes.. make sure your home is at the forefront of their minds. For instance we have instant feedback forms which is greatly received by our homeowners. We leave the form on the owners worktop immediately after a viewing, it’s something for our homeowners to ponder over before we get back in touch the next day.

Tip #6 - Embrace an open house event

Hosting an open house event can generate a sense of urgency among potential buyers. When the agent schedules precise viewing slots, it fosters a perception of high demand because viewers witness others entering and exiting the property. (I personally purchased my own home at an open house, fearing others would beat me to it!)

Tip #7 - Provide your estate agent with a key

Imagine you’ve not left a key with an agent and they phone you to advise they have a motivated buyer from out of the area in the area who is wanting to view your home. Now imagine that you’ve (quite rightly) taken the kids for a fun filled family day out and there’s certainly no hope in getting back home anytime soon .. therefore there is no way for that potential buyer to view your beautiful home.. and if he’s only here for a day or two house hunting then you would have missed your chance at receiving an offer. So, do leave a key with your chosen agent.. buyers phone in all the time and often last minute appointments do happen.

And there you have it!

These seven steps can significantly improve your chances of selling your home quickly and at the right price. If you've found this advice helpful, you can explore more tips on our YouTube channel at [insert your YouTube channel link].

Written by Celia Berry

Sales Director at Abode Spires

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