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Property Sourcing

Why Choose Abode To Find And Secure Your Dream Home


We excel in sourcing perfect properties for discerning buyers who seek specific features and those who are tired of fruitless searches for their dream home.

Through our access to off-market properties and a vast network of industry contacts, we connect with owners of properties that are not publicly listed or not yet available for sale. Our ability to identify development potential, coupled with our meticulous attention to detail and expert negotiation skills, contributes to our high success rate in finding dream homes for our clients. We go above and beyond to secure the best possible purchase price on their behalf, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

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Finding Your Fit

Our dedication is to discover your ideal home, tailored to your desired lifestyle, essential features, and preferred location.

In our initial consultation, we attentively listen to your requirements and encourage you to share your vision of the perfect home. Whether you seek a house with ample land, proximity to a specific school, or a period residence adorned with original features, even if they seem unavailable in the current market. If you have experienced disappointment in missing out on your dream home, we strive to increase your chances of securing the next one. Regardless of your preferences or circumstances, we present you exclusively with properties that we have meticulously identified to be a perfect fit.

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Finding Your Dream Home

Armed with your unique preferences, we implement our targeted approach to pinpoint homes that align with your requirements.


Our expertise extends beyond traditional property listings on platforms like Zoopla and Rightmove. With a vast network, industry insights, and access to exclusive data, we can connect with homeowners who haven't publicly listed their properties or are yet to enter the market.


Prior to presenting you with options, we engage with owners and conduct thorough inspections to ensure all properties meet your specific criteria.

Accompanied Viewings

With us, your property viewings are accompanied by our dedicated team. Having personally inspected each property beforehand, we come prepared to discuss its potential and suitability. Acting as your advocate, we can engage with homeowners on your behalf or provide you the confidence to ask questions while we're by your side.


Unlike traditional viewings, where the estate agent represents the seller, we prioritize your interests as the buyer throughout the entire process.

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Negotiating The Best Deal

Gain a significant advantage with our skilled negotiators in your corner, working tirelessly to secure the best price and favorable terms for your desired property. With our expertise, you outshine other buyers who lack the assistance of negotiation specialists. Let us handle the intricacies of negotiating your offer, ensuring you have a competitive edge in the market.

Managing Your Purchase

We take care of the entire home-buying process, handling all aspects from coordinating with the vendor and their solicitors to negotiating the terms of sale, arranging contract exchanges, and scheduling the completion date. Additionally, if your new property requires maintenance or renovations, we can source quotes from reliable businesses, allowing you to make informed comparisons.


Our goal is to alleviate your stress by representing you from the initial property search to the successful purchase, making your dream home a seamless and hassle-free reality.

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Let Us Help You Find Your Next Home

Our Property Sourcing service is available to everyone. You don’t need to be selling your home with abode.spires for us to help find your next home.

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