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Since April 2024

Hearty Earth Food Bank

Every Friday we're supporting the hearty earth campaign by purchasing and donating beans for the community of Botley to collect each week along with other food items. 

Every Friday 

Botley Curry Evenings 

Every week we visit the church providing help with dishing out curry to the residents of Botley. We also donate 25% of our fee to the church if anyone at the event refers abode when selling a home. **i.e if the home legally completes at 1.5M, 25% of this is £7,500**. 

Food stall selling curry-based food
Bottles of Wine

Saturday 29th June

Jericho Raffle

Donation of wine and biscuits to the upcoming raffle held in Jericho.


Local Business Spotlights

We know how hard it is to run a business and therefore we wanted to highlight other local business in the area. We've collaborated with businesses such as The Flower Shop, Socktopus, Glowbar and The Quirky Barbers. All videos are uploaded to our social media portals such as Facebook and Instagram.

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