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Oxford Estate Agent
Specialising in Unique, High-End and Hard to Sell Homes.


Our vision, our mission

At Abode Spires, we've established a commitment to providing a specialised service tailored to the owners of extraordinary homes. Our emphasis is on maximising the value in every situation, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. With a team boasting over a vicennial of experience across various levels in both independent and corporate agencies, we prioritise quality over speed.


Our frustration with an industry that seemed to neglect the interests of both agents and clients prompted us to create a unique service offering. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of Oxford and Oxfordshire, we craft refined and distinctive marketing strategies that truly reflect the prominence of Oxford's most exceptional homes.


Service is just a promise that we insist to others

At abode. spires we produce the highest standard of property marketing assets, all created by industry professionals. We do not rush a property to market, or in other words why it takes us 28 days to launch a property.

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Specialists in unique homes that capture the imagination

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Presenter led lifestyle videos as standard

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Professional property styling and staging

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Costed home improvements done by experts

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24/7 Dedicated Direct communication

Modern Fireplace

See what makes us different

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Professional Home Staging 

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Costed Home Improvements

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Onward Search Service


Twilight & Lifestyle Photography


'For Sale' Boards


Presenter Led & Cinematic Videography


Explore our expertise

Our team comprises of property experts and creative professionals who work together to present properties beautifully and provide the very best experience for our clients.

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Craftsmanship & quality…

Tailored Property Promotion Catered to Extraordinary Properties in Oxford.

The establishment of abode. spires estate agents was driven by a singular vision: to provide property owners and buyers with a service that transcends all expectations. We work to challenge the status quo in an industry that often works counterintuitively to the interests of the clients.

By limiting our clientele to a select few, each member of our team delves deep into the essence of the properties we showcase, fostering an unparalleled understanding. This deliberate approach also grants our team the necessary time to deliver unrivalled assistance to both property owners and buyers.

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